Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm ... employed!

Something has happened. Something I've been waiting, hoping and working for for nearly a year.

... wait for it ...

I got a job!

As many of you have read about on this blog, I've been a job seeker since last March, when I received a two-month notice that my job at the time -- at a place where I'd worked for nearly seven years -- was being eliminated.

After plenty of unanswered inquiries, fruitless resume submissions and everything else to which every job seeker has become accustomed in this economy, it finally happened.

The right company and I have found each other.

Starting March 1, I'll be a proofreader/writer/editor for AGP & Associates, an advertising, marketing and creative communications firm in Midland, Mich. And, while the thought of transitioning back into a world I haven't been a part of in almost a year (the world of full-time employment, that is) and packing up and moving to a new community is a bit scary, I couldn't be more excited.


1. The workplace and culture. This is a small firm -- about a dozen employees, including the owners, who serve as the CEO and president. Everything I've learned about the culture here suggests that it is collaborative, communal and challenging (in a good way). It also is clearly a place that doesn't believe in pigeonholing people into job titles, instead opting to draw upon the strengths of its team members as situations that call for different skills and expertise arise. If you know me, you know this is what I've yearned for.

2. The work. Words are my passion, and this job is completely about words. A proofreading/writing/editing job doesn't come along often; I saw very few such positions available during my job search, so I feel fortunate -- and excited -- to have found a job doing exactly what I want to do and where my skills are strongest. The best way to add value to an organization is to focus on what you do best, and working at AGP will allow me that focus.

3. Mutual understanding and respect. I did some freelance work for AGP so the company could get an idea of my writing/editing style and so I could get a feel for the kind of work the firm does. This makes me feel more confident, both about what the company thinks of my work and about my capacity to handle the type of work that the job entails. I've met and worked with several people at the company already (and know two others from my former job), and everyone has been fantastic. I honestly cannot wait to call them my colleagues.

4. A new adventure. I've lived in Mount Pleasant, Mich., for nearly 14 years -- since I came here for college. My time here has been great, and I'll be leaving behind a lot of friends as I move 35 miles down the road, but I think it's time. If there's one thing I've learned about myself in the last 10 months, it's that I'm a lot more adventurous than I ever realized.

5. A cool town in a great location. Not that there's anything wrong with Mount Pleasant (if there was, I wouldn't have stayed here so long), but come on ... Midland is Tennis Town USA! And there's a mall. And my favorite little shop for wines and obscure craft beers is in Midland. For mid-Michigan, I can't ask for much more! Plus, the move will shave 40 minutes off my trips to visit my family downstate and put me much closer to the highway for other travels.

Obviously, I'm excited, happy, nervous and a whole lot of other things all at once. But the thing I am, above all else, right now is grateful. Grateful for the family and friends who've provided emotional support, passed along job leads, thrown me opportunities like guest posting on your blogs or doing freelance work for you, and just generally encouraged me and believed in me ... even when I had moments of uncertainty about what the future would hold.

I don't dare list names because there's always the danger of leaving someone out. Plus, I think you all know who you are. Thank you. ALL of you.

Now ... let's celebrate!


  1. YAAAAY!! Congrats! (And I can't wait to see all the interesting captchas you'll encounter.) :)

  2. Lindsay, I am SO happy for you! It speaks greatly to your mettle that you hung in there for all this while... and as is wont to happen, the right job found you. Congratulations and I can't wait to hear of your continuing adventures!

  3. Congratulations!! So glad that you found something and I hope it works out!

  4. Good for you, Lindsay!! I know you will make AGP proud!

  5. I'm glad I suggested that Dan talk to you. When he said he needed a "word person," I thought of you!!

    I think you hit the description of AGP right on the head. I've never been in a workplace that is so collaborative. Even as an intern, I feel like my opinion is valuable.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you at work when you start!

  6. Congratulations! I know it's a long time coming, and this is awesome news. You're going to rock the new job.


  7. Congratulations!!! All it takes is one and a great deal of patience. You did it! All the best!!!

  8. Congrats!! Have fun in your new town!!

  9. Have fun in Midland! ... (at least more fun than I ever had there ...)

  10. Woot! Congrats Lindsay! Definitely well deserved and great to see another friend back on their feet :)

  11. Hey Linds! Congrats!
    Fantastic news! :-)

  12. Congrats! As you may or may not know, I am in Midland! Welcome to Tennis Town!


  13. Lindsay, a BIG congrats to you!! :) I am so very happy for you... I know it's been a long time coming. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventure.

  14. That is the best news I have heard in a very long time. They made a very good choice hiring you!

  15. Congrats!! Midland is a fun place to visit, I look forward to see you there :)

  16. Lindsay! I am SO happy for you...all of your hard work during this difficult time has paid off and in a big way! And what a wonderful place to be able to live!
    Congratulations :)


  17. Congrats! Well deserved! I know how stressful it has been during the search phase and hope this brings you some freedom to focus on your creative work.

    Go get 'em, tiger!

  18. Thank you, everyone! All of these positive comments just help my excitement build that much more! I can't wait to see what the future holds, and it's great to know I have so many wonderful family members, friends and colleagues along for the ride!

  19. Welcome aboard! I'm writing a case study about the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, as we speak. A project I bet you'd love working on. I can see from your writing style that you could really bring this baby to life. Dodge. Weave. Go deep! Can't wait to pass the next story like this to you!

  20. Lindsay - Congratulations! You will bring much to your new adventure.

  21. That's great, Lindsay!! I'm so happy to hear you aren't just taking a job, but found the right place to be. It makes such a difference! Congrats on sticking to your guns and winning. =]

  22. Congratulations on the position. I know you are super excited. I was in the same situation until two weeks ago. I can certainly understand how you feel. Being unemployed for almost 9 months (for me) was a big challenge.

    Glad we both landed on our feet!


  23. This is such great news! I am so excited for you...both for the new opportunity and the move. Congratulations!!

  24. This is AWESOME-TASTIC news, Lindsay, and thoroughly deserved. Can't wait to hear about all the comings and goings and how you move forward in the new gig. Just remember us little people on your journey ;-)

    Congrats again - go knock them out! :)

  25. Rock on, Lindsay! Well done. And nice to seee you start off #HAPPO week with a bang (LOL).

    Smart move, AGP, smart move :).


  26. Dear Lindsay,

    Thanks for sharing the news! Congratulations! It really sounds like the greatest job, and I am so excited for you! I hope we can celebrate soon.

    Take care,

  27. Lindsay,

    Congratulations! That is terrific and an exciting new adventure to be sure. You may be interested to share with your new company some of the exciting things coming to MI given your abilities in the social space: